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Keeping Cars Clean

When it comes to picking the right wax, sealant, or ceramic for your car’s paint, all of the different options may be intimidating. It is important to know the pros and cons of each protectant before deciding which one is right for you. 

When cleaning your car, it may be tempting to use a bath towel or kitchen towel instead of a microfiber towel. Do you really need to use a microfiber towel when cleaning your car?

Using compound on your car can remove scratches and micro swirls in your paint, making your car look shinier. Should you compound your car all the time? 

When it comes to using a clay bar on your car, making sure your paint is properly lubricated is important. Do you really need to buy expensive clay lubricants to achieve this? Keep reading to find out!

When it comes to cleaning your interior, getting the carpets and seats spotless can sometimes be tricky. Throughout this article, we will look at a few helpful tricks when removing crumbs and debris from your carpet. 

Often overlooked, how your car smells is one of the first things your passengers will notice. While it may be easy to cover up the smell, it will always creep back unless removed. Here are four key steps to removing any odors in your car.