How to Clean Car DoorJambs: The How and Why

Car DoorJamb

Doorjambs are typically hidden, and can often be overlooked. Being one of the first things you see when entering your car, cleaning doorcases is essential to making your car as clean as can be. 

When cleaning the doorjambs of your car, it is important to use either an all-purpose cleaner (APC), glass cleaner, or exterior detailing spray. Apply cleaner to a microfiber or detailing brush and agitate until you have removed all debris. If hazing or streaking occurs, repeat with a clean microfiber until streak-free.  

Want to know the steps to clean your doorjambs? Keep reading to learn the process and products to use to keep your doorcases looking good as new! 

What to use to clean Door Frames

Doorjambs are painted the same as the exterior of the vehicle but with a slightly thinner clear coat. This means they should be pretty durable, with the only worry being scratching. It is important to use cleaner as lubrication and a microfiber or soft brush to minimize scratching. 

If the door frame has thick debris or mud, a pressure washer or hose can be used to rinse the doorjamb. Be careful to minimize the amount of water that enters the vehicle and rinse the door case until clear of mose debris. This can take a few tries to get the hang of, if some water enters the vehicle wipe it up with a clean microfiber cloth.

When it comes to selecting a cleaner to use on the doorjambs, I typically use whatever Is available, but my favorite has been exterior detailing spray or a waterless wash. When in a pinch it is okay to use an all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner. Simply apply the solution to the jamb and agitate until clear of dirt and grime. A final wipe-down with a small amount of solution may be necessary to remove streaking. 

To dislodge debris in tight-to-reach areas water or cleaner in a spray bottle may be used. This may be useful for hinges and weather seals. In tight crevices, you may need to “floss” with a microfiber cloth. You may need to get creative by threading the cloth in tight places. 

Protecting Door Casings

Doorjambs are a pretty high-traffic area of your vehicle. To ensure your door frames stay looking brand new it is crucial to apply protectants and dressings once they are fully clean. 

A layer of protection to doorjambs can be added with ceramic, sealant, or wax. When detailing, I typically apply the same protection to the door frame as I applied to the paint. It is important to avoid applying the paint protection to any plastic or rubber parts to avoid staining. Check out this article to learn about picking the right protection for you!

Rubber and plastic trim can be prevented from drying out by the application of a dressing. Any rubber and plastic dressing can be used, but I recommend Chemical Guys VRP. When applying the dressing use an applicator pad to carefully apply to only the plastic or rubber part. Once applied I recommend buffing with a microfiber cloth to prevent any over-application. 

Keeping your doorjambs clean can prevent future scratching from debris. I recommend wiping down doorjambs any time dirt or debris begins to gather, to prevent scratching.

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